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Lollicup USA, Inc. strives to be a top supplier and manufacturer of premium beverage and foodservice products. The company aims to serve its customers with the best options for their business needs, as well as the highest quality customer service. Lollicup USA hopes to make a positive impact on the success of its customers’ establishments so that the two may continue to grow alongside one another.

When it came time to make another order of food, supplies, and other things I wanted to find a place that I can trust. Yes, I work with a couple of food and supply distributors. But something was missing. What did I need that the other distributors didn’t deliver in previous orders?

A friend and fellow restaurant owner told me about the LollicupStore. It’s a place where you can get food, but also things like Bubble Tea, kitchen utensils, kitchen tools, and so much more. I can be able to order what I want when I want and have it delivered to me fairly quickly.

LollicupStore Features

Get food and beverages for your restaurant so you can add it all to your menu for all of your customers to enjoy.
Want restaurant supplies for takeout, delivery, and dine-in? You got it. You’ll have plenty of supplies at your disposal depending on what you are ordering.
Need more appliances and tools for your kitchen? They have extra bottles for condiments, tools for food prep, storage containers, and more.

Keep members of your kitchen staff safe just in case of any emergencies or when they are dealing with raw foods. These include your masks and gloves. You can also get cleaning supplies in order to make sure your kitchen is clean from top to bottom and safe for food prep.

You can also get your coffee and teas from LollicupStore including their Bubble Tea. I even added bubble tea to my menu as a “trial” offer and it was selling like hotcakes for a couple of weeks.

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