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Rakuten ( 楽天 )

Rakuten Market was established in 1997 and is currently the largest e-commerce platform in Japan. In addition, Rakuten also owns multiple brands such as the portal site “Infoseek”, Rakuten Travel, Rakuten Bank, Rakuten Securities, Rakuten Gourmet, and Rakuten Beauty. There are many non-branded products on the Rakuten market. Many small and medium-sized enterprises start from the Rakuten market, and almost all products can be bought on Rakuten.

The important point that Rakuten can attract many small and medium-sized enterprises is that the platform has a large number of product pictures, very discounted promotions and points programs, which can encourage consumers to buy more products. In terms of overseas shopping, Lotte also has overseas delivery services. Rakuten Global Market (Rakuten Global Market) has simplified and traditional Chinese pages. Some popular Japanese products can also be paid by Alipay and PayPal. The delivery method basically uses international postal express EMS.


Yahoo Japan, as the number one portal in Japan, has a wide range of shopping websites under its umbrella and a wide range of choices. It has two parts: “auction (ヤフオク)” and “mall (ヤフショッピング)”, which can meet the needs of different people.

Yahoo Auctions is the hottest second-hand second-hand trading network in Japan. Here, you can find all kinds of treasures, rare items, a bit like idle fish, and the sellers are all individuals. But if you want to auction things on Yahoo, you need to have a fixed residence in Japan and have a Japanese bank account.

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