TransUnion Canada

Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, TransUnion Canada is one of two credit bureaus in Canada. Like its major competitor, Equifax Canada, it now sells credit reports directly to consumers, in addition to its core business of providing reports to potential creditors.

Is TransUnion legal?

TransUnion is one of the three major credit institutions and has a reputation for providing reliable and consistent credit scores. We provide credit monitoring services, fraud alerts, identity theft protection and other useful services to help maximize consumer credit. By calculating TransUnion scores, people can improve their credibility with lenders, employers, landowners, and more.

TransUnion Costs

TransUnion’s credit monitoring service costs $ 24.95 per month, including daily credit renewals, recommendations, credit locks, and monthly reminders. All consumers are entitled to an annual free credit report that can be requested online. Transunion also offers inquiries, low credit scores, personal information and free disputes regarding incorrect accounts. It provides free ID theft protection through TrueIdentity and does not require credit card registration. Contact a customer support expert for pricing on TransUnion’s commercial services.

What is the TransUnion Credit Score?

TransUnion maintains a database of consumer information and assigns credit scores to people based on these details. According to the Fair and Accurate Margin Trading Act (FACTA), you can request a free credit report once a year on the Transunion website. If you need real-time updates, you can sign up for a credit monitoring service. This service provides daily credit score updates, credit recommendations, and online credit locks. In addition to surveillance services, TransUnion also offers free identity theft protection, financial calculators and credit offers. Its consumer support team can provide support for credit needs, including controversial items, credit freezes, fraud alerts, and support for active military personnel. Consumers can also browse TransUnion’s Credit Education section to learn more about debt, credit bureaus, mortgages and other topics.

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