Haleigh’s Hope CBD Oil

“We are using Haleigh’s Hope CBD for our daughter, who has epilepsy. Her seizures have reduced dramatically since starting with the treatment a few months ago. So far the results are fantastic.”

Harry’s Hope CBD Highlights

Here are some highlights of Harry’s Hope CBD oil:

High-quality products: Haleigh’s Hope is made from 100% USDA organic certification and verified non-GMO ingredients. It is a high-quality whole plant hemp extract containing natural cannabinoids. The company has obtained the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This certification recognizes the highest quality manufacturing level acceptable to manufacturers of beverages, foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics or pharmaceutical ingredients.
Customer Support: Haleigh’s Hope is known for providing excellent customer service. If you need any help or have any questions, you can call or email the company directly. There is also a customer support tab on the company website, which can help you solve some technical problems with the website, account or shipping.
US Department of Agriculture organic certification: Haleigh’s Hope is the first vertically integrated hemp product certified by the CBD.
Harry’s “Hope Act”: Haleigh Cox and Harry’s “Hope” jointly developed a state law under the name “Harry’s Hope Act.” The law allows registered patients and their caregivers to legally own up to 20 ounces of low THC oil on the advice of a doctor.
Free consultation: The company provides free consultation. The call is (888) 328-0175, you can also find more information on the website.

Who is Harry’s Hope CBD?

In 2009, Janea and Brian Cox gave birth to Haleigh, who was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy and rare epilepsy. She had her first attack 8 months later, and as the little girl grew up, the frequency and severity of the attacks increased rapidly.

After an emergency occurred in 2014, Harry’s parents began to be willing to study their treatment options in a new treatment area. This new treatment also showed hope for other patients with epilepsy: medical marijuana.

Since marijuana is illegal in Georgia, the state where the family lives, Janina went to Colorado-the heart of the medical marijuana industry-to find hope.

She established contact with Jason Cranford of Colorado and this was the beginning of Haleighs Hope. Jason is an expert botanist who has been active in the cannabis industry since 2009. He is a passionate advocate of cannabis and its therapeutic properties.

Jason is the founder and executive director of the “Hope Blossom Foundation”. The organization works closely with patients suffering from serious illnesses who have proven hope in treating cannabis. Jason worked directly with these patients and began to realize that different conditions are more responsive to certain ratios of CBD:THC.

He is already studying high CBD, low THC cannabis strains for other medical conditions. After a period of trial and error, they found Harry’s perfect balance. Based on a cannabis strain with a 24:1 ratio of CBD to THC, Haleigh’s Hope was born.

Within a few weeks of treatment, Harry’s seizures decreased from over 200 to less than 4 per day. Her mother, Janea, is now one of the strongest advocates in the medical marijuana industry, and she has called for laws to increase the availability of medicines obtained from marijuana.

Haleigh’s Hope is named after Haleigh Cox. The company works closely with the Flowering Hope Foundation to provide customers with excellent customer support and patient consultation services as the company continues to develop medical-grade CBD with specific strains with a target CBD:THC ratio oil.

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